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Aquatic Therapy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Improve your body's movement and function with the aquatic therapy offered at Harrison Consultants Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aquatic therapy is a set of therapeutic exercises performed in the water under the guidance and instruction of an educated therapist.

Aquatic therapy uses the resistance of water instead of weights to strengthen muscles. It also minimizes pressure on the patient's joints. Aquatic physical therapy might also be supportive in treating some modern lifestyle conditions as well.

Contact us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to schedule an appointment for aquatic therapy.

New Pilates Equipment

Take your physical therapy experience to the next level by using our newly acquired Pilates Tables. Whether your trying to rehab an existing injury, or want to experiment with a new exercise, we are here to help. Pilates is a great way to strenthen the upper body, the core, and the lower body. Depending on your fitness level we can design a program to fit your needs. By integrating the Carriage of "Reformer" of the Pilates Table you can get an unmatched workout and rehabilitation experience for your core. For less experienced users, the vertical apparatus or "Tower" provides users a comfortable way to work on balance, flexibility, and strengthening the lower body. Call us or stop in today to experience our progressive physical therapy techniques.




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